Sany with Marian at Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary

‘You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Hugged a Turkey’ is a representation of turkeys in the light in which they are known, loved and respected in the context of a farmed animal sanctuary[1], and in light of the most up to date evidence from non-human and avian scientific investigation.

You may not ever have the opportunity to hug a turkey. In fact, you don’t even have to love turkeys. But it is reasonable to ask that you respect them, respect their right not to suffer, their right to life, and their right to live their lives according to their own purpose rather than the purpose that we breed them for.

On these pages further information is provided to enhance human understanding of the lives of turkeys today. Viewers will see that the turkeys who are exploited for food have been selectively bred to maximise the production of meat for human consumption in a manner which gravely distorts their natural status and way of being.

This distortion is not limited to turkeys; our breeding and exploitation of all non-humans causes unnecessary and severe suffering to beings whose capacity to suffer is of equal significance to our human capacity to suffer.

Whose liberty is as important to them as our human liberty is to us.

Whose right to life is as important to them as our human right to life is to us.

[1] Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary www.edenfarmanimalsanctuary.com